Before the pandemic started, in 2020, I took a trip to a country in which language I didn't speak. It was an incredible trip and I am so glad I went while I could. One thing I had really wished for was that I had given myself time to learn the language more before going. So, like many, I made a goal to try to learn more (in the hopes I can return for another trip there). I was really struggling with time to invest in this goal, so I decided to incorporate it into my daily life. I talk to my dog daily, and I have taught her many commands

Although humans have come a long way with human rights, there is still much to be learned from our past experience with it. Animals, like humans, are currently going through the early stages of the development of their rights. They are considered to be grouped in classes by humans such as “pets”, ”livestock”, and “wild/feral”. I hope this blog post and my announcement in my conclusion might help to influence a larger impact on developing basic rights for all animals and for us to start seeing them as the people they are. We, as a society, treat animals differently based on their species/appearance (known as speciesism). It is commonly encouraged by

Since the start of covid-19, animals in shelters all over the world have been affected significantly by the pandemic. This is something I don't believe should be forgotten and serves as an important opportunity for animals. Pandemic pets have been talked about in the media for some time during the pandemic and it might be a missed opportunity if it is not continued to be talked about and if the community cannot step up to take care of such a large group of animals. I will be introducing who pandemic pets are, why they exist, and how we could help them. WHO ARE 'PANDEMIC PETS' Empty animal shelters could

Looking for some inexpensive and simple ways to treat dogs this summer?! This is such a simple concept that will dogs (such as mine) seem to love. Not to mention it is a refreshing treat for them to stay a little cooler during the summer heat. There are so many ways to make these treats. You can do them super fancy or very simple, but either way I am certain your pup will love them! Mine definitely did (see proof at end of post)! Enjoy this recipe and have fun with it, but as always, remember to check that all your ingredients are safe for dogs. Ingredient options: Fruit such as strawberries,

I have been making this vegan mac and cheese for years and it is by far my favourite. It is not only healthy but simple and filling. In this blog post, I highlight the basic recipe and why the ingredients are important to me and how to customize the recipe to better align with your lifestyle and diet. Typically, I never measure the ingredients for this sauce and make it according to my cravings (thick and creamy or light and thin) and I recommend this for everyone. The Ingredients: Non-dairy milk (plain)Coconut oilNon-dairy cheese shredsTurmericNutritional yeastSalt & pepperElbow macaroni noodles The Directions: Pre-cook 1 cup of pasta noodles & set aside. Heat

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