I see you; I won’t forget you.

I see you; I won’t forget you.


In recognition of a lion named Zeus who was held captive at Papanack’s Exotic Animal Zoo Enclosure in Ottawa Ontario. 

I’m sorry.

I see you.
I see your suffering. I see you pacing.
I see you searching desperately for freedom.

I promise when I look into your eyes that I will see you.
I will listen. I will understand.
I see your cries for help.
I see your desperation.

Your confusion.
Your anger.
Your sadness.
Your depression.

It’s in your eyes.
It’s in your actions.
It’s in your voice.

I’m sorry I couldn’t make them see.
I’m sorry I couldn’t make them stop.
I’m sorry I couldn’t make them care.

I’m sorry.

You were taken from your home.
You fought for your freedom.
You fought so hard it took your life.
You risked your life for freedom.

I’m sorry this happened.

You knew the cost of your freedom.
You freed yourself.
The only way you knew how.
You’re free from this suffering.
I’m sorry this happened.

I’m sorry you’re gone now.

I am still here.
I won’t let your story end.

I see your friends.
I see their suffering.
I see them pacing.
I see the cries for help.

I see you in them.
I won’t ignore them.

I’m sorry they treat you like this.
I’m sorry they don’t respect your wild spirit.
They put a price on you.
Summoned to human entertainment.

I’m sorry I couldn’t stop them.
They don’t see you like I do.
You deserve better.

I cry for you.
I will fight for you.
I will fight for your friends.

Your pain is my pain.
We are all animals.
We are in this together.
I won’t forget about you.
I won’t stop fighting this battle.

Your story isn’t over yet. This is a promise.

From the bottom of my heart,

I am sorry.

Zeus was killed by zoo officials on February 28th 2016 after he attempted to seek freedom by escaping from his enclosure. Zeus escaped through a window that was covered with a chain link fence. “At no time during the hour that Zeus was outside his enclosure was the public at risk” -Bayford (whose husband, Doug, shot and killed the lion).

For more information about Zeus’ story please click here.

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