Our Story

The Honest Whisper was founded in 2016 by Laura Christine Warner (Lucy). It started as a blog but expanded into a non-profit shop in 2018. Our goal is to help push the normalization of veganism & animal rights in different ways such as reading/writing, fashion, art/photography, street activism & more. Our Etsy Shop is 100% vegan and upcycled by hand. Our very first shop is hosted through Zazzle which picks its own products for our designs to go onto (we would ask you choice vegan-friendly products). All profit from any of these shop sales that we generate is donated towards animal rights efforts. We do not accept any direct donations but you can donate directly to a registered charity/organization/activist group that supports our cause. Animal Rights Toronto has an excellent list of groups and organizations you can get involved with or donate to, click here to see them! Some other places that appreciate donations and volunteers would be registered farmed animal sanctuaries in your area such as Happily Ever Esther.


Our logo “Dandi Lion” for The Honest Whisper was created by the founder. It consists of dandelions and a lion. The dandelions represent the growth and the spread of change. The lion symbolizes courage and instinct to protect what you love. Overall, it symbolizes speaking up for what is right.


“Nobody is silent. Many are not heard. Change this.” A belief that nobody is truly silent but that they are not heard or seen. We know this needs to be changed. We change this because we believe in doing what is right and justified to help all types of animals. Our main focus is on those animals experiencing speciesism and inequality of basic rights.

The Founder

Laura Warner (Lucy) is passionate about art, science, food, and of course animals. She has an advanced diploma in Biotechnology Advanced and enjoys learning through experience and reading. She lives a busy life working full-time in a vegan, organic, and raw small-business manufacturing company while also taking care of her fur kids (one cat and dog). Physical & online activism has been active in her life since before The Honest Whisper was established. Animal sanctuaries hold a special place in her heart & learning about the animal’s stories and how they are cared for is very important to her.

It was a special relationship with one of her cats, as a young adult, that really made her realize how much she cares about them & to see them as the unique individuals they are. This (and more) led to converting to veganism for all animals & eventually finding the courage to do animal rights activism with the help of a friend.

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Show your support for animal rights when you shop online with us.
All profits we make from our sales are donated towards the efforts of the animal liberation movement.
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