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Interview Questions

Interview environments often put pressure on the candidate(s). In some cases, this makes sense, life can be competitive. However, I believe a more successful investment that an interview process would benefit from would consist of leveling the playing field. By this, I mean, after the candidate is done ‘wowing’ a company during the interview questions from the employer, they could be asking them some questions of their own. After all, the long-term outcome, of getting to know each other better, is likely in the best interest of both parties. This should be taken in a professional manner and express how serious both are about investing themselves in someone new. Both parties have, assumingly, worked hard to get to where they are now, and, ideally, want to pursue opportunities they consider to be potentially successful and beneficial to them. Considering factors such as compatibility and expectations can make a huge difference in the way we work with one another before making an agreement.

Interview Questions to Potentially ask an Employer or Company:

1. What types of career growth could the successful candidate earn from this position?

2. What are your expectations from the successful candidate in 5 years, if hired?

3. How does your company deal with employee safety? If an event occurred, such as discrimination, what would the company’s action or policy be?

4. What type of orientation or training would the successful candidate receive or requirements for this position?

5. Could there be an opportunity for the successful candidate to join or start a workplace committee? What types of committees are within the company?

6. Where can I find a copy of the company policy?

7. What are the company’s values?

8. How would you describe the work culture and environment within the company?

9. When should I expect to hear back following my application for this position?

10. May I contact you if further questions arise? Where and when would you like me to contact you?

This list was created for distribution through www.thehonestwhisper.com. However, all are welcome to use it.

“An individual can become a candidate for many companies and corporations. I just hope individuals are as smart as they say they are. By this, I mean, do they know whom they are working for? What are they contributing to? We have to spend a lot of years (and a lot of money that we usually don’t have) studying and training for a career. However, what are we as a society really gaining from it?” …continue reading my related blog at Changing Our Working Habits: Creating Equality, Independence, & Change.


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