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Liberating Animals Even Further

Although humans have come a long way with human rights, there is still much to be learned from our past experiences with it. Animals, like humans, are currently going through the early stages of the development of their rights. They are considered to be grouped in classes by humans such as “pets”, ”livestock”, and “wild/feral”. I hope this post might help to influence a larger impact on developing basic rights for all animals and for us to start seeing them as the people they are.

We, as a society, treat animals differently based on their species/appearance (known as speciesism). It is commonly encouraged by humans to use and abuse animals as property/objects such as clothing fashion, food/food by-products, sales/trades, and furniture. The even worst part is, that we don’t need to in order to get those products. I believe we have been doing it for so long because maybe we thought we did at first, but maybe by the time we realized it, it was too late and it became a means of wealth/greed for the human species which we are still struggling to control. Why do you think we started treating animals like this?

There are many ways to help animals gain more rights such as legal work, animal liberation, activist groups,  and personal lifestyle. One method I thought I would incorporate into my efforts is starting a blog category dedicated to dogs. I chose to do dogs specifically because I have the most experience with them, it is common to have a dog, and well they have always been known as “man’s best friend” so why not build on that positive part of history? I hope to help liberate them even further and make another step for them (and animals in general) to get them more basic rights and be seen even more as the individuals they are. For a few lucky animals, they’re considered part of the family/children/individuals already, but are we treating them truly like this?

These dog-focused blogs will incorporate lifestyle changes/improvements, food recipes, and educational tips. Basically, it’s all about trying to self-improve ourselves as their best friend. This is something we know we can do and should do for them and others in general. I hope to see myself changing and developing more of a habit to go the extra mile for animals, in both new and old ways.

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