Life Advice From Non-Vegans to Vegans

A carnist’s logic of what is wrong with vegan animal rights activists! All these things are true advice spoken while advocating for the basic rights of animals & ending speciesism! Let me know what advice they tell you while driving by in their truck!

So without further adieu… let’s ring in the new year with some laughs about how we can improve ourselves! (all thanks & provided by non-vegans)

Apparently, from a non-vegan, us vegan animal rights activists need to…

  1. get a burger
  2. get a job
  3. get a life
  4. stop wearing leather (unspecified type of leather – assume all)
  5. a wash
  6. take pills
  7.  stop eating avocados
  8. stop walking on the pavement
  9. do/help more
  10. stop eating watermelon babies “seeds!” was then shouted & some unconfirmed words after man walked into/fell over the rib festival sign & onto the ground (“animals are equal to plants”)
  11.  only exhale (do not inhale “animal dust”)
  12. focus on cars, phones, houses, eye balls (especially the left)
  13. $%!# off more
  14. focus on “bacon”
  15. we are not nice (specifically when we hold a sign asking for more peace outside of a rib festival)
  16. all vegans look sickly (spoken by an obese non-vegan)
  17. get more protein
  18. go home (when was unspecified)
  19. know who the biggest animal abuser is (they will  show you a trophy, usually provided by a rib festival, to confirm)
  20. they require you to list what plants you eat (be specific. mention all sources of nutrients, microbes, DNA strands, ancestry etc.) but you will always be wrong. even if they let you finish talking.
  21. get hit by a car (sometimes they will remind you of the hopes & dreams they have for you) they will also offer to do it themselves or just do it without warning!
  22. we need to hear them say that we are crazy & extreme (very important for us to hear this at a loud tone)
  23. we need to have more recognition of their middle fingers (they will show you theirs to remind you of its importance)

Oh dear, oh my! You can really tell they care about us, look at how long that list of suggestions is!

Note: If one of these are ones you have told me or would like to request a public credit for on this blog please let me know & I will add it! However, some may have a multiple of sources due to some of these being so commonly heard throughout the vegan animal rights activist community so can not be assumed all credit is relevant to only individual)

This list may be super funny but on a more serious note, bullying & violence is not funny. Please be a decent person & treat others how you would want to be treated as much as possible even if it is very difficult. Words can be very damaging to someones mental health & we should try to help in the best way possible. As a vegan/vegan activist, if you feel you ever need someone to talk to someone please know you can message me anytime on my social media or write to me & I will do my best to offer my support for you. There are also help lines such as In Defense of Animals that offer online chats/texts/calls. I have so much respect for animal rights activist & what they have to put up with. We improve & grow so strong when we overcome issues together.

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